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Beer Garden

We Built A Beer Garden In Our Backyard. Here’s How


Beer Garden

When my husband and I were building our house in the suburbs, we found ourselves with a pretty much unusable backyard. The grass was overgrown and there were weeds everywhere. So we decided to turn it into something useful: a beer garden! It started as nothing more than an empty lot with some landscaping fabric laid out on top of it. Then we realized that we could add gravel and sand to the area, frame it all with stone pavers, and add flowers around the bar by repurposing things like pallets or cans (which are easy enough to find). It didn’t take much at all—and now our neighbors love coming over for a cold one because they know they’ll be outside enjoying nature’s beauty while drinking their favorite brew!

Choose a location with plenty of suns.

The first step in growing your hops is to choose a location with plenty of suns. A south-facing wall will help to ensure that your plants get enough sunlight and grow quickly.
If you’re looking for extra growth, consider planting in the shade of other plants or trees; however, this can slow down the process of maturity and lead to poor yields.

Beer Garden

Lay down landscaping fabric to kill grass and weeds.

Once you’ve cleared the area of all plants, it’s time to lay down landscaping fabric. You can find this at your local hardware store or online, usually in rolls or large sheets. It comes in many different colors and patterns, but we found that black-and-white stripes worked best for our backyard because they’re easy to match with other decorating ideas (like our outdoor chairs).
The first step is cutting out the shape of your garden bed; then lay down several layers of landscaping fabric until you have a base layer of soil that covers up any grassy areas beneath it—this will help prevent weeds from sprouting up again later on! Next up: fill each hole with dirt (or compost) so that when water drains into it through sprinklers during rainy days later on down the road

Add gravel and sand to the area.

To finish off your beer garden, you will need to add gravel and sand to the area. The gravel serves as a great base for pavers and provides a stable foundation for the patio furniture. Sand is also an inexpensive alternative, but it can be hard to find at home improvement stores. We recommend using both types of materials in combination since they work well together and look good together too!

Then frame it all with stone pavers.

Once you’ve determined the layout of your patio, it’s time to frame it all with stone pavers. Stone is a versatile material that works well in any setting—it looks great outdoors and has just enough substance to hold up against wind and weather. Plus, it can be mixed with other materials to create interesting patterns or textures without taking away from its natural beauty.
To create an attractive stone border around your new yard space, start by using flagstone pavers (also known as cobblestones). These flat stones are typically made from granite or limestone quarried locally; they come in many different shapes and sizes that vary based on where they were mined (in some cases these differences affect how much weight they can hold). To ensure durability during installation, we recommend using at least two layers of 1/2-inch thick pavers: one layer should go down first before laying another layer directly on top; this will help prevent cracks from forming during movement over time due to shifting soil conditions like poor drainage areas near foundations or vehicles entering onto busy roads nearby!

Beer Garden

Make sure your bar is repurposed from something old.

You can use an old door, table, dresser, or cabinet to make your bar. The best part about this is that if it’s not perfect for the space (like I mentioned above), you can just paint it and add some rustic touches to make it look like something from a different era!
For example, my husband and I had an old window in our backyard that we wanted to turn into a beer garden. We found some wood for the frame at Home Depot and got some doors from Goodwill for $10 each! We painted them white so they wouldn’t show up against our grassy yard when people walked through. Then we put mesh on top—that way people could still see through but would be able to open windows if they wanted more light inside instead of having panels blocking everything out while sitting outside all day long.”

It’s also fun to decorate with pallets.

You can also use pallets as furniture. They’re easy to find and accessible, which makes them an attractive option for DIYers. You can paint the wood or leave it natural, depending on your tastes. If you don’t want to spend money on new chairs or tables, consider making these out of pallets instead!
If you’re not much into decorating with pallets but still want something fun in your backyard (we know how hard it is to resist), consider using them as a fire pit. Just make sure that they don’t get wet before lighting up—and always keep an eye out for hot embers whenever you’re around them!

This was a table we made from a slab of the tree trunk and hairpin legs.

To build the top of our table, we used a slab of wood that was cut into a rectangle. The top is made from birch plywood and has four legs—three on one side and one at each corner. We used hairpin legs for these because they are less expensive than mortise-and-tenon joints (you can find them at any hardware store).
We routed out grooves in the slab using our router with a flush-cut bit so that when you attach them to your piece of wood they’ll fit snugly without any gaps between them or around their edges; this process requires patience but it’ll give you an amazing finish!
To make sure everything fits together perfectly once it’s all done though, I recommend gluing down everything before moving on to attaching parts like these:
It wouldn’t be a beer garden without flowers, so we stuck a few in old cans and bottles.
Flowers. They’re the secret sauce to any beer garden, and they add a touch of whimsy to your yard. We bought some old cans and bottles from the local thrift store, then filled them with flowers that we picked ourselves.
Removable flowers—we used petunias because they’re easy to remove, but you can also use Gerber daisies or sunflowers if you prefer more maintenance.
Just make sure those flowers are easy for guests to take off when they come over!
You don’t need much space to create your backyard retreat.
You don’t need much space to create your backyard retreat.
You can make use of recycled materials to decorate your beer garden.
It’s fun to make your furniture, like these chairs made from old desks and tables.


If you want to make the most of your space, create a beer garden in an area where you can enjoy it. This is better for everyone involved: The plants and flowers will add color and cheer to your backyard, while the bar itself will look great and serve as a focal point for your guests. We hope that this guide has given you some ideas to make sure yours is outstanding!

Beer Garden Beer Garden Beer Garden Beer Garden Beer Garden Beer Garden Beer Garden

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