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Floor Lamp

This Is The Best Floor Lamp You Can Buy



We’re going to start with an easy answer: it’s the Elaboride Floor Lamp. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture that fits in any home, and it tends to come in at a reasonable price point. It doesn’t have moving parts or bulbs that will fail you, and its light is an idea for reading or studying. What else can we say? We think this is the best floor lamp you can buy!


This is the best floor lamp you can buy!
In a professional tone, Consumer Reports tested floor lamps and found the best ones.
Consumer Reports tested floor lamps and found the best ones.
The best floor lamps are:
The top-rated model is from Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand. It costs about $100, but it puts out as much light as some of the more expensive options on our list.
The runner-up is another Kirkland Signature lamp that costs around $90, with a dimmer switch and flexible arm to direct light where you need it most in your room.
If you’re looking for something less expensive (and smaller), Target’s $40 option has received excellent reviews from customers who say its soft glow makes reading easier at night without disturbing others in bed beside them or across the room on couches or chairs.

Floor Lamp

The best was a $40 Brightech Arc LED Floor Lamp.

Consumer Reports tested floor lamps and found this one to be the best, putting out even light for reading and providing ample illumination for tasks like cooking or sewing. It’s tall, bright, and stylish–the kind of lamp you’d want to show off in your living room or bedroom–but can also be used as an accent light in other parts of your home (or office).
It’s tall, bright, and puts out even light which is perfect for reading.
I bought this lamp because I was tired of having to sit in a chair with my head tilted back while reading. My old lamp wasn’t tall enough, and the light it put out was uneven, which made it difficult to concentrate on my book.


This floor lamp is ideal for reading because it’s tall enough to reach the ceiling (I’m 5’5) and puts out even light across all regions of your body. It also has an adjustable neck so you can adjust where you want your spotlight directed when reading or working on something else like art projects or sewing projects!
The runner-up is a $100 Adesso 3138-22 Director Floor Lamp.
This stylish lamp puts out nice light for reading, and it’s a good value at $100. If you’re examining for something that can be used in various settings–for example, if you want to use it as an accent light in your living room or bedroom–this might be the right option for you.

Floor Lamp

Adjust vertically

The only problem with this lamp is that its shade doesn’t adjust vertically like some other models on our list do; instead, its height adjusts by rotating the entire base of the unit around its central pole. This makes positioning somewhat tricky when trying to get just enough elevation without having too much or too little glare coming off of your pages while reading under dimmed lights (but hey: That’s what floor lamps are all about).
It’s stylish, works well in different settings, and puts out nice light for reading.
If you’re looking for a floor lamp that’s stylish and works well in different settings, this Adesso 3138-22 Director Floor Lamp is a good choice. It puts out nice light for reading, but not so much that it will disturb others in the room. It’s also a good value for the price.


We hope this guide has helped you find the best floor lamp for your needs. Whether it’s for reading, watching TV, or just looking at a wall, there are lots of options out there. We wanted to give you some insight into what makes each one unique so that when it comes time for choosing which one is right for you, we know what matters most!

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