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Chopped House

Chopped House Has Us In Stitches With Amazing Conspiracy Theories


Introduction Chopped House

Chopped is a cooking show that’s been around for more than 20 years. It’s also a conspiracy theory machine. If you’re not familiar with the show, it follows contestants who are tasked with making dishes from ingredients found in everyday stores like Walmart and Target. Some of them are easy (eggs), some are hard (beef) and some are downright bizarre (snails). But no matter how weird your ingredient may be, there will always be someone out there who can make it work—and then post pictures online so everyone can see just how awesome their new kitchen gadget is!

Snopes Is A Government Cover-Up

The truth is, Snopes is a government cover-up. The only way to find out the truth about Snopes is by looking up the people who run it. We’ve done that for you and found out some interesting things about them!
First, we looked at their website domain name: This tells us that they are probably trying to hide something from us because if there were no reason for them to hide anything then why would they hide it? So clearly this means there is something important going on with Snopes but what could it be? Well.

Chopped House

The Government’s Beef With Snopes

If you’ve ever shared a story on Facebook or clicked the “share” button on any website at all, then chances are you have been exposed to some form of fake news. The problem has gotten so bad that it’s now being discussed by the highest levels of government.
According to Snopes co-founder David Mikkelson, who spoke with Politico about his concerns over the spread of false information across social media platforms: “The government is concerned about this because we have seen an increase in conspiracy theories and fake news stories over the last couple years.”
And while he doesn’t think Snopes can take on every single instance of false information out there (or even most), Mikkelson believes that they could still help combat these things if they were more active online

The “Banned” Chopped Episode

This episode was a big hit on the show, but it wasn’t exactly what you’d call “banned.” You see, there was a technical error with one of the cameras and they re-shot some footage to fix it. Since they couldn’t do another take without having another technical mishap (and we all know how messy that can be), they decided not to air this episode at all—which is why it never made its way onto YouTube or any other streaming services. But don’t worry! If you’re curious about what happened in this particular moment in TV history when ABC pulled their beloved show from the airwaves…well…you’ll have to wait until March 2020 because no one knows what happened yet except for those who were involved and even then very few people are talking about it.

Chopped Is Full Of Life Lesson

Chopped is full of life lessons. This show teaches you how to cook, it teaches you to be creative in the kitchen and it’s a good way for your children or friends who don’t know how to cook yet to learn some skills at home. All of these things can help make your life better and more enjoyable.
Another thing that comes from watching Chopped is patience: knowing when something isn’t working out as expected or when something needs more time before being ready for consumption. If we all had more patients as this show portrays then our world would be a much happier place!
Sometimes, the theories are as bananas as the show.
The theories on Chopped are often as bananas as the show. The contestants’ wildest ideas are usually believable, often because they’re so crazy.
Take for example the idea of a contestant who believes that her ex-boyfriend is an alien and he’s going to come back and take over the Earth in two days! Or how about someone who thinks that the food on Chopped was switched with something else before it got picked up by producers? Or how about another contestant who claims that all reality TV shows are being filmed in secret? These are all crazily entertaining possibilities, but none of them seem very likely to be true (at least not yet). But then again … maybe they should be taken seriously?


We have to say, we’re a little biased. The show is so good and it’s been on since the beginning of our time online. We love it because it’s funny and you don’t always have to pay attention to what the hosts are saying. Plus, there aren’t many shows out there that do what Chopped does best: make us think about our food! And with its crazy conspiracy theories? Well, that just makes it even more intriguing.

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