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multigenerational home

4 Things to Consider While Building Custom Multigenerational Home


The popularity of multigenerational homes soared during the pandemic. But today, it is one of the biggest trends to watch for in residential home designs. The multigenerational custom house plans offer an array of benefits, especially because it provides an array of opportunities for multiple generations living under the same roof.

Living in such a home may also mean that every family member needs to take responsibility together. So, the custom home building must comprise design ideas allowing people to live in defined areas. With more and more families deciding to live under one roof, it may be parents moving in to live with their adult children, young adults moving back to their home after university, or grandparents living together to help raise their grandkids. Regardless of the objectives of living in multigenerational homes, not every house is similar. Usually, there is a vast spectrum of design concepts, like extra bedrooms or separate structures.

If you are ready to live together in a multigenerational home, here is how you need to correlate custom home building in Vancouver with the best design concepts and enjoy living together under the same roof.

Things to consider before building a multigenerational home

1.      Create an all-in-one space

When multiple generations start living together, it takes little for the house to become clumsy and crowded quickly. The situation is likely to be similar to kids watching television, grandparents relaxing on the patio, and the mother engaged in her home office. Therefore, it is similar to co-existing in a single space but chances are that the toes are likely to be stepped on. Discuss your plans with custom home builders Vancouver to make sure that everyone has a space that they call their own and live happily.

So, families need to have enough space inside to allow every member to retreat to a calmer and quieter zone inside the house if they prefer. It may be the noise they want to avoid or just that they need some space to rest. So there should be separate spaces and entrances in the same house for every family member to enjoy their independence.

2.      Prioritise bedrooms over flex rooms

The flex rooms have become so important in custom homes that they are often made a part of the base design. Even though the flex rooms offer a maximum opportunity for customization and you can even turn them into bedrooms, think about what is important at first. Remember that not all rooms qualify as bedrooms. So, pay attention to the actual bedroom design before sneaking into the bonus room designs. From standard window sizes to make the size of the room safe for emergency exit, a good rule of thumb is turning a bedroom into a spare room instead of using a spare room as a bedroom.

3.      Make the high-traffic areas more accessible

When designing a common space for a multi-generational home, you must be extra cautious. The laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are the common areas into which people need to step more often than the other areas. Keeping that in mind, you need to make these areas more easily accessible.

For instance, bathrooms need not be locked inside other rooms although you can still have a few rooms with attached bathrooms. Besides, the kitchen needs to be easily maneuverable and needs to be big enough for two or more members to cook at the same time. Similarly, the laundry room needs to have a few entrances and exits. 

4.      Integration of technology

Just because you are designing a multigenerational house does not mean that it will not be technologically compliant. But before implanting technology, you need to consider the requirements of each member and analyze the needs of people in varying age groups. Remember that one of the objectives of designing a multigenerational home is allowing the older generation to mingle with the members of the new generation. So, your house can still be feature-rich, much like luxury custom homes Vancouver BC when it is multi-generational. Roadhouse Homes is an award-winning custom home-building company known for their proven track record in this field and for constructing quality houses at affordable rates. Want to build a multigenerational home where families can live together? To designate specific spaces and decide the usage of each room, you need to hold a one-to-one discussion with Vancouver luxury home builders. That way, you can make the house more customizable to your needs and configure an accessible design

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